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Tropika Tatu Salve is a homemade vegan salve that uses 100% natural ingredients without preservative that is suitable for before, during and after tattoo. It has been tested by tattoo artist many times for more than a year before selling this product to public either for tattoo healing, improve skin hydration and a protective barrier to prevent further moisture loss.

Why Tropika Tatu Salve?
• Helps tattoos heal faster and keep skin healthy
• No to petroleum jelly off your tattoo / skin / body
• Texture is soft for better absorption (designed to melt at body temperature)
• Multipurpose: not only for tattoo and body skin but lips, hair, heels as well
• All natural anti-mold chip is used to keep salve fresh
• Cruelty free and vegan
• Fragrance free (only natural smell of the ingredients)
• Comes in handy sized to bring wherever you go

• Apply to fresh tattoo (when skin starts to get dry and itchy) as per your artist’s instructions
• Apply to older tattoos to moisturise and bring out the colors
• Apply to dry skin for soft smoother skin

• Dig a pea-sized amount of salve, depending on your needs after you washed/sanitised your hands to avoid contamination / become rancid
• Spread and massage your skin evenly until it absorbs into your skin
• Best applied after shower or whenever skin feels dry

• Shea butter
• Unrefined Raw Mango butter
• Extra virgin coconut oil (cold pressed)
• Rice bran oil
• Vitamin E
• Candelilla Wax
(Note: Tropika salve has smokey and nutty aroma. Unrefined butter retains its awesome properties without bleaching hence our cream is not white but beige in color.)

• Store below 30°C
• Do not over applied to prevent breakouts

Shelf life:
• 1 year once open (Depends heavily on handling. If kept out of sun and heat, it can last longer)
• Smells the product, if still smells good, it is good.
• Store in the refrigerator for longer shelf life
**Note: like any completely natural and preservative-free products, variations can occur depending on storing conditions such as humidity and temperature**


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