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Annie or better known as Con Ele on social medias was born in Kuantan and spent her formative years in Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia. As a kampung child, she developed a passion for crafting toys from materials sourced from her father's hardware store and expressing her creativity through doodles on her skin using a ballpoint pen.

Like most design graduates, she pursued her career as a designer + art director at prestigious international advertising agencies. Seven-year itch, she ditched her advertising career and started tattooing at the age of 30.

The initial phase of her tattooing journey was challenging. She balanced her regular job from Monday to Friday and dedicated her weekends to honing her tattooing skills. Only her siblings and a few close friends knew of her "secret" passion. After gaining a year of experience at Haiyuan Tattoo, she decided to leave her homeland and seek inspiration in New Zealand, where she developed her unique artistic style.

Upon leaving New Zealand, Annie established her own little private workspace known as The Conetree. Her distinctive style features bold yet delicate lines, incorporating stippling dotwork shading. Her artistic approach is heavily influenced by her background in architecture and graphic design.

In addition to tattooing, Annie also engages in branding design and is open to collaborating on tattoo and design projects. In 2022, she founded OUCH LAB, a community space aimed at bringing together talented tattoo artists. OUCH LAB currently welcomes guest artists from around the world, fostering a collaborative and creative environment.

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