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For Cling Wrap:

Remove cling wrap after 3 hours

For Second Skin/film:

Remove film under running water after 1 to 2 days (leave the film on at least overnight). Plasma and ink will trapped inside the film like the photo below.


After removing Cling Wrap / Second skin:

1. Wash away the plasma and excessive ink with water or Hypoallergenic soap. Make sure the tattoo surface is clean, pat dry with tissue paper or paper towel (do not use towel!)


2. Clean your tattoo 3-4 times a day or whenever you spotted plasma/ink or sweat

3. You can shower. It is fine that the soap water runs through your tattoo during shower

4. Apply a very thin layer of skin lotion/cream after the 4th day (when it started dry and scabbing). Recommended products: unscented, for sensitive skin, natural

Note:  Your new tattoo looks ugly at this stage


5. Scabs usually peel off in 1-2 week’s time (new tattoo appears to be slightly lighter compared to the freshly inked tattoo). 6 weeks to 2 months for actual heal up.


1. Skin sensitive reaction: Rashes / Itchy / Burning
2. Film comes off and expose the tattoos (either partly or entirely)
3. Water goes into the film during shower / washing


1. Touch your tattoo unless you have just washed your hands! Wear dark color clothing to avoid stains.

2. Apply normal soap directly onto your tattoo (except Hypoallergenic soaps)

3. Wear tight clothing

4. Scratch / rub / pick any scabs at all *Very important!*

5. Take food allergens such as seafood, spicy food, nuts and alcohol

6. Swimming, soak into water for too long, water activities

7. Do gym or activities that lead to excessive sweating and stretching

8. Get sunburnt

Note: It’s normal to find some glues leftover on the skin/tattoo, you may ignore the glue as it will go off by itself.

The result of your tattoo is not solely depending on the artist’s skills, it is also your responsibility to take care of your tattoo by following the after care steps.

Long-term After Care Tips:
• Put on sunscreen when you're under the sun

• Moisturise your skin especially hands, feet, elbows etc.

• Contact artist for any questions regarding your tattoo

• Check your tattoo after 2 months (or when tattoo is fully healed)

• Send photos for artist to check your healed tattoos

• One time free touch-up will be given within 6 months for major/minor ink loss

Recommended after care video done by another artist for your knowledge:

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