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  1. Eat well, sleep well, stay hydrated. It has proven that tattoos are less painful if you get enough sleep.

  2. Apply lotion to dry skin. Healthy skin gives better result to your tattoo.

  3. Make sure you are not diagnosed with diabetes, Hepetitis (A , B  or C), HIV, epilepsy, hemophilia, a heart condition, nor do you take blood thinning medication. Or other medical or skin condition that may interfere with the application or healing of the tattoo.

  4. Plan your trip (especially beach), it is advisable to get a tattoo 2 weeks before your beach vacation or 1 week after (in case of sunburn)

  5. Wear comfortable clothing (dark color to avoid stain) with easy access to the body part getting the tattoo.

  6. No alcohols / drugs before or during the tattoo session.

  7. Be punctual, notify Artist if you are late. (Being late may disrupt Artist’s next appointment, so be punctual). It is important to set a reminder for appointment.

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